Wagering Advice for Bettors of Any Experience

There’s not much that can beat the raw excitement and thrilling, exhilarating, anticipation of a good Boxing match for kicking back with your crew alongside your favourite drinks and snacks and settling in as you wait for the fireworks to begin.

Except, of course, betting some money on who’s going to take the belt when the bell has rung and the flying fists have come to rest!

The good news is that Boxing is still the surest, in terms of percentage, real money bet you can make at NZ betting sites and is one of the few sporting events in which it’s not enormously difficult to correctly choose the winner.

Remember That Lines Are Easy to Exploit

Boxing lines are so frequently swayed by the sometimes-overwhelming momentum of pre-fight pride in adherents that it’s quite simple to use them to your advantage.

Supporters tend to bet with their hearts instead of their head which means the lines end up swinging quite wildly and if you can keep your wits about you, you can benefit from some really juicy odds.

Pay particular attention to matches that have national or racial elements attached to the pre-match hype. In terms of national fights, keep an eye out for ageing champions who’ve stayed in the game too long, as in the case of Chavez and De La Hoya and when it comes to racially loaded meets try to spot young, untested fighters going up against far more experienced combatants like in the case of Cooney versus Holmes.

The Hometown Advantage is Insignificant

Unless you’re looking at a fighter who’s had to cross oceans and continents so there’s the possibility of issues like fatigue and nutrition, don’t ever bet according to what the hometown advantage could be.

The only factors that should concern you are those related to the fighters, the venue has nothing to do with anything. In fact, rowdy crowds in hometown arenas could lead steady fighters to make serious errors which could end up costing them the fight.

Prop Bets are the Perfect Pick

Thanks to occasional mismatches that create huge margins for the Favourite in Moneyline bets, these wagers aren’t always the best idea. Instead try to find reasonable Prop stakes that give you better odds like Manner of the Finish, End Round of the Fight, or Most Jabs.

Go Big or Go Home

When you’re feeling good and everything is going as it should do then put your money where your mouth is and don’t look back! The heavy Favourite may not even double your money, but you’ll most definitely have more money in your pocket than you did before the first punch landed.

Knock-outs Are Always on the Table

This is Boxing, after all, and there have been many times when a knock-out came out of seemingly nowhere and caused an upset that paid out very well for some! Do your research, follow your gut, and you never know. The next contact made may be the last one.