Spotting Signs of Problem Gambling

No matter what type of betting you enjoy, whether it is on the outcome of one of your favourite sports activities, or trying your luck with scratch cards, or seeking to beat the house in poker games or video slots, problem gambling will interfere with the quality of your life in many ways. It could lead to strained relationships, interfere with your work, and eventually lead you into a financially catastrophic situation if not checked. No matter which sign of gambling addiction is particular to your case, if you have one or many please do your best to find help immediately.

A sign of gambling addiction could be stealing, or considering theft, in order to continue to gamble so that you can settle your debts, and borrowing money in order to fund betting is another dire symptom. If you or someone you know is already in this position, don’t give up hope. There is help available, and you will be able to regain control of your life once you decide to. The first and most important step is simply recognising the problem, and once this has been done you can begin the work necessary to start combatting it.

How to Understand Problem Gambling

A sign of gambling addiction may be very similar to that of substance addiction, and this type of impulse control disorder affects many more people than you may think. When you begin to engage in these types of activities without regard for the negative consequences you are creating you can be sure you have a problem, but luckily there is hope. A sign of gambling addiction is an inability to stop, whether you are broke or flush, or whether you are happy or sad. You need to stop betting when you can’t afford to lose, and many people have a problem doing that.

The Myths and Facts of Gambling Addiction

There is a surprisingly widely accepted belief that Gambling every day is a sign of gambling addiction, but this is not necessarily true. No matter how frequently you may or may not be placing bets, if this activity is causing problems in your life you may be addicted to gambling. Even if you can afford it, the strain and tension it may cause in other areas of your life is what defines it, and you will have negative consequences to face even if they are not in the form of bank statements or debts outstanding.

This addiction is often referred to as the hidden illness, since the disease presents none of the physical signs and symptoms of other types of addiction, like that of alcohol or drugs. The deep sense of shame that those addicted to gambling have to live with is very similar however, and, ironically, can lead gamblers to more and more of this type of activity as they attempt to minimise the financial consequences unlucky streaks have caused.

If you or anyone you know has given you reason to think they may have problems with Canadian Gambling, seek help immediately. Support groups are widely available, and you can start the journey to recovery as soon as you decide to begin.