Pick ‘Em Multihand Poker

Pick ‘Em Multihand by Realtime gaming is a variant of poker that is played at both land based casinos as well as online casinos around the world.

Pick ‘Em Multihand is played with a traditional card deck that consists of a total of fifty two cards. When the player is ready to play Pick ‘Em Multihand, they first must make their bet. After the bet is placed, the player is then dealt two cards. For the purpose of this explanation, we will refer to this first set of cards as A and B.

After the player is first dealt cards A and B, they are then dealt a second set of cards. For the purpose of this explanation, we will refer to this second set of cards as card C and D. After the player has been dealt both sets of cards, A and B as well as C and D, the player must then choose which card from C or D that they would like to add to the hand that is A and B.

After the player has decided which card from hand C and D they would like to add to hand A and B, they are then dealt an additional two cards from the remaining deck of forty eight cards. This will leave the player with cards A, B, their chosen card from the second hand and two new random cards that they have been dealt. The hand that they now possess makes up a five card stud poker hand.

This game is not played against other people, but rather against the computer. While the computer is not given an actual hand of cards that the player must beat, the player must make a minimum score with their hand in order for the hand to be considered a win. The player is then to be paid out based on what their initial bet was and what hand they ended up having. The better the poker hand the player can make with the five cards, the bigger the payout will be.

Pick ‘Em Multihand

In Pick ‘Em Multihand, the pick ‘em game is played the same, but there is a catch. Instead of playing just one hand of pick ‘em poker at a time, the player is able to play multiple hands at once. This allows the player the bet on not just one hand, but the results of multiple hands of pick ‘em poker.

This means that the games go at a faster pace because the player is not just playing a single hand at a time. It also means the potential for winning or losing money is greatly increased in speed. Online pokies in New Zealand and Multihand games are popular because they are considered games with a lot of action. It’s not just a single hand at a time, but rather like playing multiple games at once.

Pick ‘Em Hand Ranks

From least valuable to most valuable, pick ‘em hands are ranked at nines or better, two pair, three of a kind, straight, flush, full house four of a kind, straight flush and royal flush.

If the player manages the highest card combination, they are in for a large prize.