Moneyline Betting Explained

Moneyline, or Win, wagers are the most popular method of staking. But, simple as they are, it’s still important that you understand them 100%. That’s the only way to avoid mistakes while empowering yourself to utilise them!

What Exactly is a Moneyline Bet?

The two names for this wager are totally interchangeable, and which you see will depend largely on where in the world you call home. The stakes are far more commonly referred to as Moneylines in the USA and the rest of the world uses Win Bet.

You’re trying to guess who will come out on top in a contest, fight game, match, or race. The bets will be presented in one of three different formats, Decimal, Fractional, and Moneyline, and although they look very different, they all offer the same information. They’ll tell you who you’re betting on, who the Favourite is, which athlete or team is the Underdog, and what kind of payout you’re looking at.

Favourites Versus Underdogs

Imagine that Mike Tyson, one of the finest fighters of all time, is set to face off against a 90-year-old man. If the bookmaker let you place horse racing betting on either side of this match and paid you the same amount for each outcome, would that be reasonable or fair?

Of course not! Everyone would bet on Mike Tyson to win, he would go on to do so, and the bookmaker would lose all its money and declare bankruptcy.

So sportsbooks assess the Favourite and the Underdog and assign each a value according to which direction they’re seen as going. The Moneyline odds for this fictional fight might look like:

Mike Tyson: -1 600

The Old Old Man: +1 800

The first part of each line tells you which fighter you’re backing, so the first is Tyson and the second his 90-year old opponent. Then you’ll see the minus or plus sign, with the latter indicating the Underdog, the former telling you who is the Favourite.

The number which follows the plus and minus signs will tell how much of a Favourite or an Underdog that contestant is. The larger the number, the more likely the individual, team, or animal is to lose or win. So, a horse that is -1 400 is far more a favourite than one that is -150. And a squad that is +900 is more of an Underdog than a team with +550.

How Much of a Return Will You See?

This information, in turn, leads to how much you can expect to receive if you’re paid out for making the correct pick.

The Moneyline number is the potential payout, with a negative integer representing the amount you need to bet to win 100, and a positive figure showing how much would win on a bet of 100.

So if you wagered $100 on Mike Tyson to win and he did you’d see a profit of $6.25 but if you staked $100 on the Old Old Man to beat The Baddest Man on the Planet, and by some miracle he did, you’d see a gain of $1 800!