Mobile Farkle Casino

Farkle is a well loved dice game, played by adults and youngsters alike. It uses six dice, a relatively simple scoring system, and has been adopted by casinos as a gambling game. Until recently, however, the game could only be played at a real world casino, using physical dice. But with the advancement of technology the game may now also be played on mobile phones and tablets via a mobile farkle casino.

The online version follows all the known rules of the real world version, using digital 3D dice that behave in the exact fashion of real dice. Plus, with an available online connection, mobile farkle casino players may go against other real players from across the world, allowing for cross borders play.

The online game is available to play for free or real money, and is accessible on both Android and Apple phones. To start playing, simply search for a downloadable application via the appropriate application store.

What Is Farkle?

Mobile farkle casino and real money games online are played, as has already been said, by the standard rules of the game. These rules are as follows. A player must first roll all six dice. The rolled dice will have a value, based on the numbers showing. Any ones have a value of one hundred if not in a set of three. Ones in a set of three have a value of one thousand. Any fives showing have a value of fifty, and if in a set of three have a value of five hundred.

All other numbers only have value if in sets of three, according to the scoring table. The player may choose to hold dice of value and roll the remaining dice a second time, aiming to make the highest score possible. Other players in the game repeat this process, with the player having achieved the highest score at the end being the overall winner. In the casino version, players will place a bet on each round.

Mobile Farkle Casino Controversy

Some have criticised mobile farkle casino play for a number of reasons, the main reason being the authenticity of the digital dice. It has been said that digital dice do not behave in the same way as real world dice, and in some cases this may be true.

Real world dice, for example, have many flaws and imperfections imperceptible with the human eye, some of which may change the way the dice roll. Digital versions of dice are not created to mimic imperfections, and so can be said to not behave in the same way as real world dice.

The differences in dice behaviour, however, created by imperfections, are so small as to hardly be a noticeable factor, but some say this is the very soul of any game played with dice. Whether this is or is not true, mobile farkle casinos are steadily growing in popularity on a daily basis, with more and more players downloading the application.

See for yourself by jumping into the action. Remember that Android and Apple phones use specific applications.