League of legends betting

League of legends betting options arise from the fairly new discipline of eSports betting that has swept into the market with an ever growing fan base.

Punters from New Zealand will be thrilled by the vast following across the world, with various tournaments and platforms to make use of, League of legends betting options can be easily located on hundreds of online betting platforms.

The Game

League of Legends is a strategic multiplayer online battle arena video game, developed by Riot Games and released world wide in 2009.

The games success stems from its brilliant use of tactical strategy deeply rooted in a simple war discipline. Seasoned veterans of any paintball match will understand the concept of Capture The Flag.

League of Legends works on these precise foundations, with the aim of the game to invade an opponents space and destroy the nexus located in the centre of an enemy’s base.

Carving your path to the enemy’s nexus is riddled with obstacles, which require tactical play. Various heroes with individual powers can be interchangeably selected to lead a victorious campaign.

Betting On The Game

League of legends betting options are incredibly popular due to the mammoth online community and team based play within the title.

The strategy and skill set needed to defeat an opponent comes from hours of play. with video games an official sport in today’s world, League of legends betting options can be located on a variety of online betting providers throughout New Zealand.

The game allows players to tackle the artificial intelligence or other online players looking for a battle. The video games simple concept has made it a huge success and various leagues across the globe have given rise to various tournaments that affords punters from New Zealand an abundance of League of legends betting opportunities.

Player Tournaments

Punters opting for League of legends betting options will be thrilled by Riot Games consistent involvement within the title. The developer has organized a League Championship commonly known as LCS.

The League Championship is a platform for players from various regions to participate in competitive gaming in the territory.

Every regions tournament is a long-standing affair with gamers across the region competing for an entry into the World Championship.

The various region-based leagues allow for early League of legends betting opportunities. These preliminaries will quickly provide you with a better standpoint on the game and potential individual brilliance from players around the globe.

World Championships 

The League of Legends World Championships are a highly contested affair held annually in October. With the top players from each region competing for a staggering prize pool of over $2 million, League of legends betting truly comes to life.

Bet Types

Punters seeking to test League of legends betting fields should consider the most common League of legends betting possibilities. Match bets are wagers on a team to win the match. World rankings and the prior knowledge of players from region-based tournaments will provide you with a more valuable match bet.

Punters from New Zealand should be aware that League of legends betting does not allow any bets to be placed on a draw option.

More complicated outright League of legends betting types are advised for more experience League of Legends punters. Outright League of legends betting allows for bets on a tournaments outcome. Punters at betting sites in NZ can stake a team to claim victory at World Championships. These types of bets require detailed insight as teams play a host of challenging matches.