Important Factors in Choosing Daily Fantasy Baseball Pitchers

Daily Fantasy Sport Major League Baseball – DFS MLB – is hugely enjoyable and growing more popular all the time. There’s no question that if you want to win in the larger Guaranteed Prize Pool tournaments, your best option is to enter several times with line-ups that are all tweaked to be slightly different.

Among the most important decisions you’ll be making about your fine-tuned line-ups, is the pitchers you choose. The showing of your arm, as they are known, needs to be outstanding if you’re really serious about getting anywhere in DFS MLB. After all, top Guaranteed Prize Pools, or GPPs, are won with pitchers landing 45 fantasy points or more. With all that in mind, take a look at the helpful advice on picking pitchers for your Daily Fantasy Baseball squad.

Consider Wins

Pitchers earn fantasy points for wins and quality starts, so their average performances need to be excellent. Moreover, wins are usually the result of talent in both the individual pitcher and the team. In other words, when you’re choosing your Daily Fantasy knuckleballer, it’s riskier to pick an excellent pitcher who is on a weak team. Gerrit Cole of the New York Yankees may well do better than Asher Wojciechowski of Baltimore’s Orioles, simply because Cole’s team is stronger.

Prioritise Strikeouts

When choosing your DFS MLB pitchers, the real-life athletes’ strikeout rate is even more important that their personal win rate. Every time they punch a batter out, they rack up those all-important fantasy points.

Purchasing a hurler with a high strikeout rate, but who is a little unpredictable and so doesn’t cost as much as one with a record of stability, can also be really economical as you put your fantasy team together. Basically, a large number of strikeouts is your best defence against a barrage of runs scored by your opposition.

Check How Much Contact Pitchers Give Up

How many of an individual’s throws make contact with the hitter’s bat? In some cases, pitchers might give up a lot of contact that results in bad fly ball rates, but balance this out with high strikeout rates. On the other hand, they might eat innings with soft contact – a situation where batted balls have a high probability of being converted to outs – or high ground ball rates.

Pay Close Attention to Spins

Do your prospective pitchers do well at home but abysmally on the road? Do they struggle in certain parks or against specific teams? How do they perform on either side of the plate? Which of these factors are relevant for the games that the real-life Baseballers are playing? Consider all of these questions carefully and don’t, for instance, choose someone who does badly in away games if they’re not playing at home. Similarly to aristocrat pokies games online same question needs to be asked before and during the game play.

Trends are Important

Staying on top of teams’ and individual players’ current trends is essential for DFS MLB. This includes winning or losing streaks, exit velocity or how pitchers and opposing line-ups have fared in the recent past. Any pattern can be helpful – the more you know, the better your pitcher selection will be.