Gangster’s Gold Aristocrat Slot Review

Gangster’s Gold Aristocrat Slot Secret Symbol

One of the leading slot developers is Aristocrat, a company that has produced so many slot titles that it is difficult to keep track of them all. One of the seemingly more popular titles is the Gangster’s Gold Aristocrat slot. The slot offers much the same as a standard online game, however, Aristocrat has of course changed some of the game aspects to make it more interesting to players. Certainly one of the most attractive features is the Secret Symbol bonus feature, which is actually also featured in a number of other slot titles. The Secret Symbol feature enables players to create a whole number of quite exciting winning combinations, all while playing the Gangster’s Gold Aristocrat slot.

The way the Secret Symbol feature in Gangster’s Gold Aristocrat slot works is quite simple. Players will notice while playing the game that there is a symbol that stands alone on the side of the game reels. This particular bonus feature is activated at random points during the normal game play. What will happen as soon as it is triggered is that the game’s bonus symbols will all start changing into the same symbol as what is showing on the 6th reel. The effects of this can be quite different, depending on whether luck is on your side or not. The way the symbols change could result in no new winning combinations, but in the Gangster’s Gold Aristocrat slot, it can also result in a wide range of new winning combinations being formed.

Gangster’s Gold Aristocrat Slot Free Spins

As with many other modern online slot titles, free spins are up for grabs in the Gangster’s Gold Aristocrat slot. The way to start triggering these is by landing three, four, or even 5 scatter symbols. This will enable players of the Gangster’s Gold Aristocrat slot to win up to 40 free spins. As experienced players will know, free spins are really a good way of creating new winning opportunities without having to spend anything extra. The more times you can spin the Gangster’s Gold Aristocrat slot game reels, the more possibilities you have of being able to claim a win.

In the Gangster’s Gold Aristocrat slot, the developer has made a feature which is not usual in most other Aristocrat slot titles. In this particular slot, players are also able to win free spins at random times. In fact, you can often win free spins whether you have landed a scatter symbol or not. This of course means that players should begin to expect the unexpected, as they might be rewarded with free spins at very random times during the game.

Gangster’s Gold Aristocrat Slot Layout

The layout of the Gangster’s Gold Aristocrat slot is fairly standard, and experienced players will be able to use their tried and testing playing and betting strategies. On the game play interface, you will be able to see what you current credit balance is. Players can also view what the value of their next spin will be, and then adjust the settings until the value is at an amount that you are comfortable with. Other than that, the Australian pokies online games will be easy for any players to dive right into.