Double the Devil HTML5 Slots Online Casino Game Overview

Double The Devil HTML5 is an online casino slot machine game, featuring a bonus payout system themed around a cute devil character. As with all slot machine games, the player selects a wager, then clicks to spin the icons. Upon stopping, the icons displayed must form matching groups in sequence in order for the player to win. The matching icons will be indicated via a line, making identification of the winning sequence easy. The bonus icon in this game is the devil symbol, which, when matched, will trigger a bonus payout system that means huge winnings for the player. The bonus is shown via an animation of the grid igniting for extra entertainment value.

User Interface

Double The Devil HTML5 has a simple, easy to understand user interface, which is located across the bottom of the screen. Bets may easily be raised and lowered by clicking the appropriate buttons, or a specific bet may be placed via the current bet input field. The grid, located in the centre of the screen, shows the current icons in play. This game also features an auto-spin option. When started, the auto-spin option will keep spinning the wheels without the player having to click the spin button. The player may select how many spins should occur, up to a maximum of 100. The selection can be done by simply clicking the arrow buttons at the bottom of the screen, beside the auto-spin option.

The Devil Bonus System

The devil is the icon players should hoping to see the most of in Double The Devil HTML5. His cute image, a red imp with a pitchfork, can trigger the bonus payout system. He must simply be matched with himself at least twice, which occurs only when the two icons are sitting beside each other, and the grid will animate with flames as the bonus triggers. Free spins will be won, and then automatically played out, with each win being worth double the usual amount during this bonus sequence. In this fashion the player can enormous wins.

Other Bonus Icons

The other bonus icons in Double The Devil HTML5 are the double the devil symbol, and the lucky seven symbol. The double the devil icon may form a match with any other winning sequence, and if it does, will grant double the usual amount won with that match. The lucky seven symbol is this game’s wild card, and can sit as a substitute and form a winning match with any other symbols. You may, for example, get two bells and a lucky seven which will be a match. Or, two bells and two lucky sevens, which is a larger payout. If the sequence was two bells, two lucky sevens, and a double the devil, the payout would be the match, the two lucky sevens bonus payout, plus this would be instantly doubled.

Play in your Browser

Double The Devil HTML 5 s designed to be played in an internet browser, specifically one using the HTML5 coding software. You may simply open the game in our browser, and it will automatically load and start, without any permanent download to your hard drive needed.