Betting on Major Golf Tournaments

The Masters Is a Major Golf Championship

The Masters Tournament, known as The Masters or the US Masters, is one of the four major championships in professional golf. The Masters is always held during the first week in April, and is the first of the majors to be played each year. Unlike all the other Majors, the Masters is played every year at the same golf course, which is the Augusta National Golf Club. This is a private golf club located in the city of Augusta, Georgia, USA. The Masters is an official money event on the European Tour, the PGA Tour and also the Japan Golf Tour. Players take part by invitation only, so the field of players is smaller than that of the other major championships.

All the Well-Known Traditions

The Masters, like many great sporting events, has a number of well known traditions. Since 1940, the winner is awarded a green jacket, which he has to return to the Augusta National Golf Club one year after his win. It does remain his personal property, but it is stored in a special cloakroom together with all the other champions’ jackets. Only the current champion may remove his jacket from the premises. If a golfer wins The Masters several times, he uses the same green jacket he was awarded the first time he won. Beginning at the tournament of 1963, one of the famous past winners always hits the tee shot on the morning of the first round of the US Masters, to begin the play. The US Masters 2016 was won the 28 year old Danny Willett with a final round 5 under par 67. He became the first Englishman in twenty years to win the Masters, and one of the only two ever to do so, the other being Nick Faldo.

The famous Augusta National Golf course opened 83 years ago, in 1933, and has been modified several times since then. Greens have been reshaped, bunkers have been added and some water hazards extended. Hundred of trees have also been planted.

Betting on Big Golf Tournaments

Golf is an extremely competitive sport, and betting on the Masters Golf Championship offers people a huge variety of bets they can place on any tournament. You can place a bet on the winner of the tournament, the winner of any particular hole, the number of strokes taken, or even on the performance of golfers coming from other countries. Betting on golf tournaments has become a very lucrative form of betting in the last few years and attracts a huge number of people wanting to place wagers. All the golfing majors, including the British Open and the US PGA tournaments are among the world’s most popular sporting events of the year, and millions of people follow every stroke players make during the match. Thousands of people travel to each tournament to watch the game, but most watch at home on their televisions screens. Those people mostly place their bets online at their own convenience, from home, on a sports book that most online casinos provide.

Online sports betting for Australians has become an integral part of any sports betting in modern times, due to the ease of placing the bets, and the huge range of benefits and bonuses offered by many of the online betting sites. Betting on all global sporting events is an enormous business industry, and online spots sites all encourage people to make use of their advantages.