Applying Basketball’s Floor Impact Counter

Dedicated Basketball bettors should always be on the lookout for new strategies and techniques to help them wager more successfully. Various statistics and analytical tools have been developed with this in mind, and the Floor Impact Counter, or FIC, is one metric that has proven very helpful.

The Development of the FIC

During the National Basketball Association – NBA – season of 2006-2007, sports analyst extraordinaire Chris Reina came up with a ground-breaking new way to quantify and analyse a player’s overall impact, and called it the FIC.

What makes this metric unique is the greater value it assigns to offensive rebounding, shot creation and assists. All aspects of the box score are encompassed into a single statistic, making comparison and evaluation of athlete performances simple and accurate.

Calculating the Floor Impact Counter

The Floor Impact Counter can be determined as often as every 40 minutes, when it’s known as the FIC40, using the following formula:

Points + ORB. + 0.75 DRB + AST + STL + BLK –0.75 FGA – 0.375 FTA – TO – 0.5 PF


  • ORB stands for Offensive Rebound Percentage
  • DRB stands for Defensive Rebound Percentage
  • AST is the asset turnover ratio
  • STL is steals by team
  • BLK indicates Blocks by Team
  • FGA stands for Field Goals Attempted
  • FTA stands for Free Throws Attempted
  • TO is the team’s total turnovers
  • PF stands for Personal Fouls

Using the Floor Impact Counter

After determining the FIC or FIC40, analysts are able to check how effective a player’s overall game was when placed in specific line-ups. This gives a good idea of the ideal team structure, and if bettors have this information they can use it to decide how much money to stake.

If a team’s line-up is sub-optimal, for example, you might decide to bet less on them. Imagine watching the late, great Kobe Bryant playing as a small forward, when you know his FIC for shooting guard is better.

The FIC and FIC40 can also be used as tools to evaluate overall offensive and defensive outputs fair against specific opponents, as well as how effective a player is in a specific position over the course of his or her career.

For Ladbrokes Australia bettors, the FIC is fantastic because it’s a simple, singular statistic that encompasses a lot of information. Of course, nothing is perfect and there are a few issues that you need to be aware of when applying the FIC.

Double-check to make sure that rosters and scorers are correctly correlated when you incorporate the FIC, and bear in mind that the top FIC on the roster won’t necessarily be the best on game night. Wherever possible, look for up-to-the-minute FIC calculations.

Don’t consider the FIC to the exclusion of your other research, but do make sure you incorporate it into your betting decisions. Along with your insights after watching players yourself, knowledge of athlete fitness and injury reports, and other statistics, this gives you your best chance at a win when you wager on a Basketball game.