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Stephen Dray

Psalm 6: How Long O Lord?

by Stephen Dray, posted on 17 May 2009

The first of a series of talks on the penitential Psalms.

Stephen Dray

Risen Indeed - Matthew 27:55 to 28:15

by Stephen Dray, posted on 14 April 2009

Stephen looks at Matthew's evidence for the resurrection of Jesus and its contemporary challenge.

Stephen Dray

Nahum 3

by Stephen Dray, posted on 03 February 2009

Stephen concludes his studies of this powerful and challenging book

Stephen Dray

Nahum 2

by Stephen Dray, posted on 31 January 2009

Stephen continues his short series on this much neglected prophet.

Stephen Dray

Jonah 4

by Stephen Dray, posted on 06 November 2008

The concluding chapter of the story of Jonah who awaits the fate of Ninevah.

Stephen Dray

Jonah 3

by Stephen Dray, posted on 02 September 2008

Chapter 3 sees Jonah finally reach the city of Nineveh.

Stephen Dray

Jonah 2

by Stephen Dray, posted on 31 August 2008

The second talk on Jonah tackles chapter 2 as Jonah is swallowed by the big fish!

Rudi Drews

Isaiah 52v13-53v12 - The Suffering Servant

by Rudi Drews, posted on 14 April 2008

Rudi continues our We Believe series with a look at the suffering servant in Isaiah 52-53.

Gareth Leaney

Isaiah 9v1-7 When a Child is Born: The Incarnate God

by Gareth Leaney, posted on 13 April 2008

In this sermon, Gareth looks at God's promise of rescue in Isaiah 9, and we see that the focus of this promise was God himself becoming human. This has massive implications for all of us. This sermon continues our current We Believe series.

Gareth Leaney

Colossians 1v3-8 How do you measure a year?

by Gareth Leaney, posted on 31 March 2008

Gareth looks at how to reflect on 2007, based on Paul's words in Colossians 1v3-8. (The song mentioned in Gareth's introduction is "Seasons of Love" from the musical Rent. To see the video, visit: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hj7LRuusFqo)