With the Great and the Good

Posted on 27 March 2009
On Wednesday 4th March Andrew and Sarah attended London City Mission's annual gathering, held at the Mansion house in central London.

The Mansion House is the official residence of the Lord Mayor of the City of London, who opened proceedings.Sarah (intern) and Andrew (Associate Pastor), were attending in the place of Dr Stephen Dray, Ferndale’s Senior Pastor, who was unavailable that day.
Andrew writes…...‘ It was a lovely morning,with several hundred in attendance.The purpose of the ‘annual gatherings’—which have been going on for very many years-is to showcase some aspect of LCM’s work. This year it was about the Departure centre, in Commercial Road Limehouse.Various speakers (including Gordon Warren, rector of St Anne’s Limehouse) told about the centre’s work…

The centre is an old mission building which has basically been transformed into a community arts centre and cafe.The Mission have found this is a great way not only to meet the needs of the very diverse community in that area of London,but also to provide a place for church groups to meet, for Christianity Explored courses to be held. There is good food available, comfy chairs, and a variety of courses, including art based ones.This may not be one of the most traditional means of direct outreach, but it does make sense in this 21st century world in which we live-not just as a sort of ‘pre-evangelism’-but as a concrete means of modelling the love and presence of Christ in this fallen world’.
The morning concluded with excellent coffee, tea and biscuits served, with a chance to meet other supporters of LCM and those involved in the work at Limehouse and elsewhere.

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