To the end of Europe

Posted on 14 August 2008
Peter Dray and Sarah Dawkins have just returned from three weeks in Moldova. Sarah gives us her account of the trip: ‘I have just got back from spending three weeks in Moldova! It wasn’t the easiest three weeks I’ve ever had but all the same it was fantastic.

‘We spent ten days of the time we were in Moldova on an evangelistic camp from students from the Universities in Moldova. The camp was 2/3rds non Christians which was fantastic! People really wanted to come on this camp and learn English but knew that they were also going to be studying the Bible whilst they were there. I co led a Bible study group with two Lancaster Students – Alice and Andy. All bar one of our group were already Christian which, to begin with seemed like a frustration to me. However it was great being able to see these really new Christians grow in their knowledge of Jesus. Although they were all Christians they all appeared to have very little idea what it meant to actually follow Jesus and the cost that was involved as became clear when we looked at Mark 8 with them. They were all really challenged about their shallow discipleship.

‘A, the only non Christian in our group, was quite a challenge! However, by the end of the camp she really did seem like she had changed, and her heart did appear to be softer: so much so that when I went home with Natalia, one of the CSC (Moldovan equivalent of UCCF) staff workers who had been our groups translator, A came to church with us the following morning.

‘There is so much I could say about the camp and about Moldova in general! I was really challenged whilst we were over there about the way in which I take so much for granted in Britain and expect so much. Falling ill on the camp also showed me that God is completely in control and he will still do his work even when I can’t do anything but lie in bed.’

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