The History of the Bible

Posted on 08 April 2011
Jon and Stephen have recently been undertaking a series of special studies on the history of the Bible on Sunday mornings.

Starting with the apostles, they have shown how the earliest believers recognised the New Testament writings that are now in our Bibles as the foundation documents of the Christian faith. Irenaeus of Lyons and others have been called upon as witnesses and exhibits of the earliest manuscripts place in an exhibition at the rear of the Church. P52 (illustrated) is the oldest fragment known of the New Testament: a few verses from a booklet containing John’s Gospel and dating from no later than 130AD. it is on display in the John Rylands Library, Mancherster: and Stephen recently paid it a visit!

Most latterly, both Stephen and John have been showing how archaeological and other historical evidence supports confidence in the reliability of the Bible. The Hittites, Belshazzar and others have been called as witnesses.

The series has been very well received.

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