The Big Breakfast

Posted on 18 October 2008
The sizzle of frying bacon and the smells of a cooked breakfast greeted the arrival of the Mums and Tots at Ferndale last Friday.

Alice, June, Anita and Angela (nobly assisted by Peter) ‘bust a gut’ to provide a splendid and free fry up for the Mums… and a number of hangers on… including Stephen, Jon and Sarah. Well supported, the Mums and Tots continues to meet a real need within the community to offer a meeting point for those with young children and a context where by action and word the challenge of the Gospel can be presented.


Gareth Leaney pic

It’s days like this I miss Ferndale the most…

I was eating breakfast (single luke-warm waffle) at silly o’clock with a bunch of students!

Comment by Gareth Leaney on 18 October 2008 at 09:29 PM
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