Sweet Double Decker

Posted on 04 June 2008
The newly aquired BarNBus has had a brand new coat of paint and is looking ready for service!

The new paint job

Bar’n’bus is a charity that exists to help, support and motivate young people. It’s principal aim is to provide young people with a credible alternative to becoming involved in alcohol, drugs and crime. It also seeks to provide all young people with a sense of purpose through Christian belief.

The organisation’s double-decker buses act as mobile youth clubs on wheels. Facilities on board include TVs, videos, computer games, table football, a prayer room and comfortable place to chat. The buses go out on a weekly basis during evenings to various locations throughout southeast Essex. On board are fully trained volunteer teams (including Ferndale’s David Christian), who are equipped to deal with any problems or difficult questions. Their role is to meet, befriend and build a positive relationship with young people.

Bar’n’bus also offering services of counselling and mentoring, and are involved in schools work. For more details and more images of the new bus see http://www.barnbus.org.uk/.

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