Preparing for Mission

Posted on 13 February 2009
On Saturday 7th February Andrew attended the annual conference of South East Gospel Partnership (an organisation to which Ferndale is affiliated: held at St Helen's Church Bishopsgate, a leading conservative evangelical Anglican church in the city of London, situated next to the building affectionately known as the Gherkin.

Andrew comments…..‘The day was entitled Prepare for Mission and the two keynote addresses were given by Rev John Woodhouse, Principal of Moore College Sydney. The first address, called ‘England’s Greatest Need’ was an exposition of Romans 1:18-32, especially highlighting Paul’s apostolic logic. We were pointed to the fact that the greatest need of UK society (and other countries) is for the gospel- not education, morality or relief from the financial crisis.The second address at the end of the afternoon focussed on Philippians 1:12-18, and was entitled ‘The Chrisitan’s greatest joy’. This looked at how what Paul had been though (i.e. persection) actually turned out for the good of the gospel, contrary to what it must have looked like at first.
‘In between these two stirring messages, there were 3 more practical sessions.The first was a series of case studies from several church leaders on experiences related to evangelism and mission in the local church. Then there was a talk about the nationwide mission planned for 2010 ‘a Passion for Life’: ( This was given by John Stephens and Richard Coekin).Following this there was a useful question and answer session with various church leaders when further insights and advice were shared.
All in all it was a very enjoyable day, albeit a bitterly cold one outside.However, inside both the church and the fellowship were warm and we were left with much to think and pray about as we seek to move foward with Ferndale’s stated aim of being a bible centred local church with a global vision- which surely must include many forms of evanglsim and mission at its core.

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