Pole to Pole

Posted on 05 December 2008
Prompted by Ferndale's link with Sopot (whose 'Bendy House' is pictured), on Thursday December 4th, Stephen, Ron and Andrew attended a consultation day facilitated by European Christian Mission,Fellowship of Churches in Christ(UK),Evangelical Alliance and Global Connections-the latter acting as host for the event, which was held at Queen's Road Baptist Church Coventry.

The day ran from 10am-4pm and was aimed at those interested or involved in evangelism to Polish people who have come to the UK. ‘One of the most telling things we saw was a short video presentation conducted by the Realna Nadzieja initiative,which went onto the streets of a Polish town to ask the man and woman in the street what they knew about evangelicals. The concerning thing(from our viewpoint) was that most of the people had no idea whatsoever-only a few liked it to evangelistic activities, and some assigned evangelicals a cult status. We also learned in this respect how Polish migrants ( who come, remember from a Roman Catholic dominated country) may view evangelical churches here in the UK.
The rest of the consultation consisted largely of networking-getting to know some of the different people who were there-some Polish, some British, many from all over the UK, and from differing organizations . Overall it was a very useful day, and there was a lot to challenge the church leadership of Ferndale to think about how we may possibly best place ourselves to reach those Poles who already live in Southend.

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