On the borders

Posted on 28 February 2006
Stephen reports an encouraging visit to Lancashire and Cumbria last week...

He comments, ‘There were three reasons for my visit. First of all it enabled me to spend some time with Peter and to be involved in his work ‘first hand’. Thus I spoke on the Parable of the Sower to the University of Central Lancashire Christian Union at Preston and at a ‘Bitesize’ course there that is designed to introduce people to the Christian faith and to help disciple young believers. I found the openness of international students to the Gospel very exciting and was helped to realise the possibilites for ministry in Southend as the new Campus fully opens shortly. In addition, I spent some time in Carlisle with the managing editor of Evangel (which I edit). As the result of our discussion we were thrilled at the possibilities of extending and developing the journal’s ministry; especially in Europe. The other reason for my visit was to consult with an old friend who is linked with Wycliffe Associates and to explore ways in which Biblical ministry can be encouraged both here and in the Two-thirds world. Several decisions were taken that could have an impact upon hundreds and thousands of people around the world. Watch this space… Overall then a tiring but very productive time away and a happy extension of the work of Ferndale!’

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