Old Friends

Posted on 20 October 2008
Stephen had the privilege at the weekend of preaching at the anniversary serives of North Road Baptist Church, North Finchley.

The church is pastored by one of Stephen’s closest friends, Robin Dowling. Robin and his wife Clara moved to North Finchley to work part-time within the church and to join the staff of Oakhill Bible College. Mainly elderly but with an initeresting clutural mix (Russians, Indians, Nigerians…) the Church is anxious, in its weakness, to provide a beacon light for the Gospel in a needy area. Meanwhile Robin maintains his interest in South America where he was formerly professor in Pastoral Theology in Medellin… and hopes to return for a teaching trip shortly.

Stephen, whose ministry was devoted to the Greatness of God (Isaiah 40), the Greatness of Grace (Psalm 130) and the Greatness of Christ (Colossians 1:15-23) was struck by the warmth and generous spirit of the small fellowship. He looks forward to hearing of growth within the Church as they seek to serve their Master.

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