Not a dry eye in the house

Posted on 11 August 2008
The last weekend in July was a mixture of laughter and tears as the fellowship said ‘Thank you’ and ‘Farewell’ to Associate Minister, Gareth Leaney. Gareth is shortly to commence work as the UCCF Staff worker for Reading, Guildford and Farnham where he will be devoted to discipling and equipping the Christian Union students to reach out to their fellow-students with the Gospel.

A Friday night party included a typically lavish Ferndale buffet and a ‘This is your Life’ as Gareth’s time at Ferndale (and before) was recounted: a ‘surprise’ visit by his Mum and Dad, Gwynne and David was the highlight of the evening.

On Sunday, a sermon on 1 Timothy 4:12-16 by Stephen reminded Gareth of the responsibilities, privileges and resources available to him in pursuit of his ‘call’. The Church then commissioned Gareth to his new ministry with prayer and a shout of acclamation.

Gareth has been an invaluable and much-loved member of the Church, having lived through a period of rapid change and growth: much of which has been down to his unstinting and, frequently, self-effacing efforts. To say that he (and his trifles) will be missed is a huge understatement but the Church is privileged to have had the opportunity to share his growth into ministry and are excited that another of their own young people are moving into full-time ministry elsewhere.

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