New Resources

Posted on 04 April 2008
Over the last couple of years, Stephen has sought to lead Ferndale in the 'footsteps of the Master' through a 'step-by-step' examination of Mark's Gospel and to look at some of life's 'ultimate questions' through the study of the Book of Ecclesiastes.

A written summary of these messages is now available in the Resources section of the website. Stephen comments, ‘The best way to get to know someone is to spend time with them: to watch what they do, to hear what they say and to observe the ‘real person’ that emerges from such experiences. The studies in Mark were designed to help us get to know Jesus better by being a ‘fly on the wall’ as the author pictures some of the critical events in Jesus’ life.

‘Ecclesiastes was quite a contrast! It was often a painful book to hear because it stripped away the evasions and excuses that we adopt to avoid the challenge to think long and hard about life and death and God.

‘Both are necessary. We need to be brought face to face with Jesus and face to face with ourselves! The study of these two books assisted us… and may, perhaps, assist others to do so!‘

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