Posted on 04 May 2015
On Good Friday Ferndale, once again, undertook a march of witness from the Chapel to .

The event was well and ecumenically attended and the Cafe filled for the final devotion. Stephen made the following comments:

Most of us are peace lovers. Nothing is better than those periods in our lives which are free from disruption and pain. Nothing is so satisfying as those occasions when our relationships are free from antagonism. But sometimes peace loving means that we are unwilling to tackle those issues that, ultimately, lead to further, even greater, difficulty. Conflicts become ‘frozen’, not resolved – ready to break out again as opportunity arises.

The problem is that peace-making is usually a painful business. Few peace-makers make friends with those they are trying to reconcile. They suffer the hostility of both sides! And trying to make peace with those who are at odds with us is, often, thankless, time-consuming and emotionally costly.

When Jesus uttered his final words on the cross, ‘It is finished’, they were those of the supreme peace-maker and the cry with which it was said reflect the anguish and relief of a work satisfactorily completed. For the cross is the end of the greatest love story in the history of the world. It is the climax of a passionate love for the unlovely and undeserving. It brings to completion the agonising task of establishing peace with those who have shown little or no interest in being reconciled. Small wonder the final gasped words before death.

For the message of Good Friday is the true story of world and inhabitants who find themselves at odds with its Creator. It is the story of self-assertion, self-will; of deliberate rejection of infinite love in pursuit of the illusion of freedom. It is the account of a God whose love is enduring, of self-giving and passionate peace-making that pays the supreme price to achieve the seeming impossible – God and sinners reconciled.

It is, indeed, finished. How, then, will we respond to ‘love so amazing, so divine.‘? Are we ready to respond with the song-writer: ‘ love so amazing, so divine, demands my soul, my life my all’?

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