Just Picture It!

Posted on 21 October 2005
Ferndale Baptist Church received a visit from Jonathan and Diyana Swingler at the weekend. Jonathan is a physicist on the staff of Southampton University. His wife Diyana is a former staff member of the Baptist Union of Bulgaria Youth Department.

Jonathan has recently published an article entitled ‘A Visit to Mt St Helens’ in Origins, the Journal of the Biblical Creation Society. In his article he notes that ‘As a physicist., I see that it [the geological process] is a matter of energy: if we assume that these features require low-power erosion or deposition processes to form then we need vast amounts of time to get the result that we see on our planet. However, Mt St Helens demonstrates… that high power erosion and deposition do occur in a short amount of time producing the very features we observe. I see no necessity to believe in an old earth.‘

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