Jim Packer and Justification by Faith

Posted on 23 May 2006
The three Ferndale congregations gathered together on Sunday morning to listen to Prof. Jim Packer provide a masterly exposition of justification by faith from Romans 3. The message (which should shortly be available on this site’s audio resources) was a sustained and eloquent declaration of ‘Luther’s Gospel’. In view of contemporary confusion as to the need, nature and basis of divine ‘salvation’ or ‘rescue’ this was a welcome reminder of the foundations of a truly biblical and evangelical faith.

Southend was privileged to receive this first visit from Dr. Packer. Born in Gloucester in 1926 he later won a scholarship to Oxford University, where he met lecturer and ‘Chronicles Of Narnia’ author, C.S Lewis who was to have a major influence on Packer’s life and future faith. Ordained into the Church of England, he taught theology, in England. In 1979, he moved to Vancouver in Canada, where he became Professor of Theology at the Regent College.

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