Jade Goody: Sister in Christ

Posted on 10 April 2009
Reality TV personality and 'Essex girl’ Jade became a Christian in the months leading up to her death.

After the onset of her cancer, Jade was supported by Christians who witnessed to her and provided her with a Bible. As death approached, she sought to put her life ‘in order’, was baptised and loved to read the Bible: her favourite passage was Isaiah 53 which speaks of Jesus as our sin and guilt bearer. It was this hope that Jade took to the grave.

Stephen, minister at Ferndale, commented: ‘While Jade’s very public suffering and death aroused sympathies, few could surely forget Jade had been foul-mouthed and dissolute. Yet what she found is what we all need, One who meets us in our deepest needs (the Bible calls it ‘sin’ whether we like it or not!) and provides the only available security in death. Jade found the knowledge that Jesus died, in her place, to bear the penalty of her sin and to make her ‘clean’ to face God the only foundation to build upon as she faced death. At this Easter season his death remains the only hope for us all.’

For the account of Jade ‘as a Christian’, see the sermon preached at her funeral on http://www.sjbh.org.uk/?q=node/48


John Dray pic

What a great message. How amazing that Jade underlined this in her bible:

“All of us were like sheep that were lost,
Each of us going his own way.
But the Lord made the punishment fall on him,
The punishment all of us deserve”

Comment by John Dray on 11 April 2009 at 03:54 PM
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