Its not all about Preaching

Posted on 17 October 2005
After a recent visit to deliver books to Book Aid, Pastor Bonnet described the work as ‘wonderful’ and evidence that Christian ministry is to be understood as far more than being ‘up front’.

Over the last twenty five years or so, Bob and Ada Hiley and their volunteers have supplied two-thirds world countries with over 20 million Christian books, shipping them in over 200 containers. By such means hundreds of thousands of people have obtained access to Christian literature. Bonnet was delighted to discover nine of these containers had gone to his native Zimbabwe. ‘I now know where the Scripture Union got all their books from’ he commented. He was delighted, too, with the books given to him by Bob Hiley.  He said, ‘After leaving my books behind me in Zimbabwe these books will significantly assist me in my ministry in Southend’.

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