Goodbye, old friend

Posted on 06 July 2008
Stephen’s Spiritual Director, Père Mikael, from the Monastery of the Holy Presence, St. Dolay, Brittany, died after a short illness on the 1st July. He was 61.

Stephen was able to attend the funeral (after a 500 mile drive through the night!) on the 4th July.

Père Mikael was formerly a Parisian banker who, as a young man, was deeply challenged by the life of St. Francis of Assisi and, as a result, became a monk of the Celtic Orthodox Church. 

Widely respected as an authority on the early church in western Europe, he was a revered spiritual guide to many.

A humble man, his generosity of spirit was witnessed by the fact that the three major Christian traditions, Orthodox, Catholic and Protestant were represented among his friends at the funeral.

Stephen comments, ‘I will deeply miss the wisdom and guidance of Mikael. It was a privilege to visit him several times during his illness, to pray with him and attend the funeral. I was particularly pleased to be able to spend a few minutes before the bier in the early hours of the morning of his funeral and bid him, ‘Goodbye, old friend’. 

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