Posted on 10 December 2010
A number of Ferndale's international friends have recently been in touch.

Joseph and Lydia Paul from Chennai have sent their Christmas greetings. They have had a very difficult year with disappointments, bereavements and other stressful situations and we are delighted we can share in prayer with them. Graeme Tonkin (Australia) recently had to return home while in Europe when taken ill and planning to go on to the USA. He is now well and excited at a new development that would not have taken place if he had been out of the country. Szymeon Koldys says it has been very cold in eastern Poland but he and his family are well, Pawel Kugler (Elblag, Poland) says the situation in Poland has been exaggerated in the western press: it has been cold but not impossible to travel about (he had just returned from Warsaw, 250 miles away). Kryzyzstof Osiecki (northern Poland) is encouraged that the Church plant is welcoming up to 20 people but reports that Cassia, his wife, has been suffering from shingles. We are delighted with the prayer fellowship we have with such friends and thank God for each one of these links that enlarge our visit of Christ’s kingdom.

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