Posted on 19 May 2010
Sarah Dawkins is delighted to announce that she has been appointed a UCCF Staff Worker.

Sarah will folllow the path already charted by Peter Dray and Gareth Leaney.

On news of her appointment Stephen read a report on behalf of the Leadership to the Church. He said:

Sarah arrived in Southend in September 2008, following her excellent work within the Christian Union at the University of Central Lancashire (where she was the vice-President) and one year working on the UCCF Relay Programme and receiving their training under the leadership of Peter Dray who specifically singled her out and recommended her to Ferndale.

Sarah is our first woman intern and this has meant that she has been able to work in areas of the life of the Church that others have not been able to do. For example, she has been actively supportive of Mums and Tots (and followed this up with pastoral visits and other means of support) and she has become a much-valued officer in the Girls Brigade. She has sought to support all the other young adults in the Church and for her first year she also spent a day a week pastoring young people in the YMCA.

Sarah has taken an active role in the teaching of the younger persons in the Church, sometimes recently running the Sunday School almost single-handedly (!). She led Sheridan to faith and has been discipling her and others.

Sarah’s public ministry has been less obvious but she has led some excellent Bible Studies and she has been an invaluable co-opted member of the Leadership Team. She and Jon Delves quickly formed an effective working unit, undertaking administrative tasks out of the limelight. She has had an active role in ensuring the café be a success. Her personal and pastoral support and friendship of Robin, Maureen, myself and my family over recent months has been beyond the call of duty and her legal knowledge invaluable. I personally would like to put on record the fact that without Sarah’s support as a colleague, friend and someone whom I could ask for advice and guidance, I would not have been able to sustain the last year at Ferndale.

We have scarcely provided Sarah the training experience that we planned or she would have wished. However, she has grown through the experience and it says much for her spiritual progress that I was able to recommend her wholeheartedly to the UCCF after two years; whereas for Gareth it was three!

It was noted that there would be opportunity for others to offer their testimonials in due course. A spontaneous round of applause followed Stephen’s speech.

Meanwhile, Jon Delves health is mch better an he is hopng to return to Ferndale part-time in the autumn. You have been missed, Jon, and look forward to renewed fellowship.

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