Ferndale adopts the Somerset Confession

Posted on 19 March 2009
A epoch-making Church Meeting took place on the 17th March when the members of the Church adopted the 1656 Somerset Confession of Faith.

Hitherto Ferndale has not had a Confession but it had been felt for some time that one would be valuable as ‘positioning’ the Church and, perhaps more importantly, provide a basis for discipleship. After over a year in which the Confession was deliberated and its teaching examined through a fifteen week course of studies in which many members of the congregation shared, the decision was taken to adopt it.

Stephen, senior minister of Ferndale, comments, ‘The 1656 Confession, originally adopted in Wells, Somerset, by baptist churches in the area,  is one of a number of historic Baptist confessions and is marked by a very eirenical tone. While broadly within the ‘Reformed’ family of confessions, it is generous in its expression and captures Ferndale’s desire to be both evangelical and ecumenical.’

Consistent with this, and alongside of its adoption of the Somerset Confession was an affirmation of the Church’s commitment to both historic Christianity and the supreme authority of Scripture. Thus, a clear affirmation of the inerrant Bible was accompanied by an explicit commitment to the Nicean Creed as the ‘sine qua non’ of the Christian faith.

Stephen adds, ‘In this way the Church seeks to share fellowship with all those who can subscribe to the “Great Tradition” of the Christian faith while, at the same time, stressing our personal commitment to what is known as the ‘conservative evangelical’ position.’

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