Farewell Sue

Posted on 17 April 2008
We learned recently of the death of our dear sister, Sue Tonkin. Her husband, our friend and partner in the gospel, Graeme has written from their home in Australia:

“It has been so incredibly difficult without my precious Sue. When the Lord joined us and made us one then the separation must be a tearing and a breaking beyond anything I have experienced ~ nothing near it. Yet, the presence of the Lord is so amazingly real and his peace is my fortress. He is my strength as I have none. He is my hope as it is hard to ‘see’ for the moment. He will guide me through.
Over the last 2 years he has been leading so carefully. Looking back I can see what he was preparing us for. At times I want to get angry or yell or something, at God, but I cannot as his hand is so evident in all that has happened. It, simply put, was her time to be with the Lord.“

Our sympathy and prayers are with Graeme. Sue was a Christian who knew the reality of God in her life - a life that was often difficult as she battled with illness. She remained faithful to the end. May God give us the grace to do likewise and Graeme the grace to press on into new fields of ministry and service without her.

Sue Tonkin

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