Posted on 01 November 2010
The Brethren in Christ Church Southend congregation, themselves mostly from Zimbabwe, have recently sent a second container of aid back to Bulawayo.

In collaboration with Ferndale Baptist Church, the first container was sent in 2009 and contained items (for example computers) to improve facilities for primary schools in the area and to meet local individual needs. The second container left in September and was filled with medical supplies, especially a portable x-ray machine, equipment and drugs, for the Mtshabezi Mission Hospital. Rev Bonnet Moyo, minister of the Church, says, ‘I have never seen a hoist in any hospital in Zimbabwe. The Mtshabezi hospital will probably now be the first!’

No project of this sort can succeed without the generosity of many people. Local schools, Medical Missionary News and Southend Airport have played especially important roles in ensuring the success of the venture. Rev. Moyo says, ‘We want to continue to support these educational and medical facilities and we are currently collecting items for a third container. Storage is proving a problem and help in this and donations would be welcome.’

Rev. Dr. Stephen Dray, minister of Ferndale Baptist Church, says, ‘This is a project that has our full and ongoing support. The Brethren in Christ Church are an internationally respected denomination and it has been fantastic to see schools, churches and many others work together with them so successfully in this venture.’

For further information, contact, Rev. Bonnet Moyo, 01702 311688 or 07869149231 or

The photo shows Rev Moyo and Tham Ndlovu one of the Brethren in Christ Church members loading the container.

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