Exchanging one aisle for another

Posted on 24 October 2007
Stephen comments, ‘I’m merely exchanging one aisle for another’ is the rather trite quip I give to those who look puzzled to discover an ‘official’ chaplain in Asda, Shoeburyness!

But what do you do here?’ is the response that often follows. Sometimes it seems little more than a people watch or a gentle stroll around the store to spot a new ‘bargain’. But there is rarely a visit without a significant conversation with a member of staff or one of the customers. I find I am a safer bet for complants about other colleagues and customers often need someone with whom to talk; especially in the face of death. Sometimes, too, there is an immediate crisis; like the time a young women had returned home earlier in the day to discover her partner had taken his life and didn’t know how to express her grief.

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