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Posted on 17 October 2008
The five issues of the Baptist Times for October contain articles by Stephen Dray, Minister of Ferndale Baptist Church.

Each examines the life of a great Christian from the history of the Church and seeks to explore the contemporary lessons to be drawn from them. Beginning with St. Antony of the Desert (250-356), Stephen looks, successively, at Benedict of Nursia, John of Damascus, Julian of Norwich (the reconstructed cell where she was based as an anchorite is depicted above) and, his favourite, Ann Griffiths, the Welsh Calvinistic Methodist hymnwriter.

Stephen comments, ‘Some may find the choice peculiar… but then they are personal favourites. However, each have had a singular influence on the Christian church that has extended down the centuries. And each present to the current church ith challenges regarding the spiritual life that we simply cannot neglect.‘

Dr. Ian Randall, senior Baptist historian and faculty member of the International Baptist Theological Seminary in Prague has warmly commended the articles!


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With regard to John and the icons issue, I find it very disappointing that historically churches have wanted to destroy things.  It makes it much harder for modern historians to put the pieces back together and confirm that what happened conforms to what the Bible tells us.  For instance, if the icon tradition concerning St George had survived here as it has in Cyprus, it would be harder for evolutionists to deny that the dragon was what we would call a dinosaur.  It’s pretty clear in the Eastern tradition what manner of creature is being depicted.

Comment by Colin Newton on 18 October 2008 at 02:18 AM
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