Camping, Football and Batman

Posted on 04 September 2006
You might have noticed someone missing from Ferndale in recent weeks. Gareth has been out and about. In the middle of August, he went of to camp with Bristol Christian Youth Trust. Here is his report of the week…

“On Saturday 19th August, I got up at 5am (!) to travel about 180 miles to Bristol.  From there, I met a coach (and 50 kids), which took us the remaining distance to Hill House.  Each year, Hill House (near Bridgewater, Somerset) hosts 5 consecutive weeks of camps for young people.  They’re held in the same tents on the same site, with just 4 hours between each camp.  I’ve been involved in Week 4 since I was a student (which explains why I would travel 180 miles to sleep outside and run around a lot) – this was my 3rd year.

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