Cafe Church

Posted on 28 November 2008
On Wednesday 26th November Andrew and Ron attended a 'Network Envisioning Day' on the subject of Cafechurch, held at Baptist House in Didcot.

The day was hosted by the CafeChurch Network leadership,with input from some others. Rev Cid Latty, a BU minister, who ministered most recently in Welwyn Garden City, and now works full time for the Network, gave the first session on the Cafechurch vision, describing the circumstances which surround how he and his wife got involved with this ministry. As a result of what has happened Costa Coffee and Gloria Jeans coffee shop chains have given permission for Cafechurchs to be held throughout their stores in the UK.

The next session was taken by Rev Juliet Kilpin, who worked in London as a church planter, and is now based at Avenue, and runs a Cafechurch in Costa Coffee and Southend. This described the incarnational basis for mission and the nature of society today and people’s attitudes to church,and people’s ‘third spaces’(first being home,second being work).Following lunch, we all experienced a kind of cafechurch meeting, which contains such elements as an expert talk, a group discussion, short talk by the leader.

Ron and Andrew concluded that it had been useful to attend the day. Whilst there was some material which did not apply to what we are planning to do with the former Yum Yums cafe in Cluny Square,some things and themes were helpful.

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