Brigades Celebrate God’s Goodness

Posted on 01 February 2009
Saturday evening saw the annual Boys and Girls Brigade Rededication Meal which was held at Belle Vue Baptist Church.

3rd Southchurch, Ferndale’s Girls Brigade, was represented by Captain Lynda Hartwell and her husband Mick, Lieutenant Sarah Hartwell, Adult Leaders Melanie Diji and Sarah Dawkins and the company’s chaplain, Stephen Dray. A three course meal was prepared by leaders from Belle Vue’s companies and served brillantly by Brigaders from different companies - all in all a very professional event!

The main point of the evening was to celebrate what God has done through the brigades over the last year - which appears to be a lot! From opening of new companies to camps helping young people to get to grips with Jesus and his claims. There was also a section of rededication, where all the leaders as well as the supporters were asked, with God’s help, to continue leading their companies, being a role model for the children and to seek to explain the gospel to them.

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