Posted on 17 April 2013
Stephen has discovered that about 2,000 people per week access various forms of his media ministry.

At the Focus Radio Trustees meeting on the 17th April, he learnt that well over a third of a million downloads have been made from YouTube of his discussions on the Da Vinci Code. This is over 1,000 per week, worldwide. In addition, the Crossway Bible Guides that he pioneered in 1992 are now estimated to have been read by over a million people… another 1,000 per week! This is equivalent to the Ferndale Church being full to bursting twice a day every day of the week!!!

While Focus is working under financial constraints, the overall picture is positive. A DVD on the evidence for the resurrection which included interviews wth such persons as Tom Wright and Amy Orr-Ewing has been dubbed into Russian and the Russian script is being used to dub into other languages within the former Soviet Union. Similar developments are taking place in China. Over 100,000 downloads from YouTube hve also occured. Meanwhile, Focus has 26,000 Facebook ‘friends’ and over 4,000 contacts per day. For further inofrmation see

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