Anna Dray’s Week in Romania

Posted on 21 April 2008
Anna Dray tells us about her recent trip to Romania:

Where did you go? I went to Bicaz, a village in the north of Romania; Bicaz, with a group of 11 others from churches in Bournemouth and Leicester.

So, why did you go there? We went out to work with Pastor Benny of the Baptist church other churches).

What did you do? Over 1000 leaflets were printed for us to distribute around the village advertising the events we undertook. Each morning were briefed and prayed for the day: for God’s grace and that our words would be taken in. We split into 3 teams and went on home visits, mostly to the Gypsy area of Dodeni. We shared the Gospel and one of our Testimonies. We prayed for their lives and situations and gave them gift bags, containing toiletries, toys and sweets for any kids and occasionally money; if suitable. Sometimes we sang .
In the afternoons we went over to Dodeni for the younger kids, to play games and have a little meeting in a converted apartment, where we sang and a Bible story was shared. Whilst this was going on, the older teenagers went off with 2 of the boys from our team, to play football.

Then, we returned to Bicaz, where another meeting was held. Kids from the Gypsy village and from Bicaz would come along. They were put into 4 teams and had the opportunity to pray for and with one another, to talk about the Bible story and to compete in a quiz, based on the Bible story. Craft activities were also held, which were very well prepared by one of the member’s of the team.

At 6pm each evening, a service was held and led by one of the leaders. After the service, a meal was given to all that attended. There were opportunities then for anyone to talk to one of the leaders, either from the church, or from the team.

After the service at 8pm, a youth meeting was held. By the end of the week, the group had to split into 3 separate groups, with approximately 10 in each. Card games were played and a Bible study took place. This was a fantastic way for the teenagers to be able to open up and really listen and learn, without the distraction or embarrassment of the younger ones.

We then returned to the Hotel for a debrief. We were able to pray with and for each other, as well as for individuals that we had met that day. We used the time to support and encourage one another.

And what next? Our visit was part of a regular programme of visits that have been taking place for many years. Later this summer there is a two week camp for the children. I would love to go back again…..!


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I am glad you had such an interesting time. Thanks for sharing it with us all!

Comment by Jane Katz on 21 April 2008 at 11:53 PM
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