Amazing Grace

Posted on 01 November 2005
The funeral of Elizabeth Wilson, another of the unsung saints of Southchurch, took place last week, at the age of 92.

Elizabeth was born in Lisburn, Northern Ireland. It was there she met her husband Jimmy Wilson who was a professional footballer and goalkeeper. They married when she was 20. Their marriage was followed by the birth of their daughter Frances. However, the Second World War was to have enormous repercussions for the family. Jimmy joined the Irish Guards, continued to play as a guest player for the likes of Southend United, but (despite having been brought up in a family that had suffered the effects of a drunken father) became an alcoholic. This addiction ruined his football career and he returned to the Guards. Elizabeth travelled with him while Frances was brought up with her grandparents. Part of their time was spent in Tripoli. Eventually, however, Jimmy’s addiction destroyed his marriage to Elizabeth.

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