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Posted on 04 June 2008
Everyone at Ferndale was delighted to host the BMS Bangladesh Action Team last week. Vicki, Anna, Kirsty and Hannah came to Southend having spent 6 months in Bangladesh, followed by 7 weeks in Britain working with different churches.

The main activity the girls were involved in was the “Hero or Zero?” kids club, which ran at the church from Wednesday 28th to Friday 30th May.  The club had a superhero theme, which the adult helpers embraced enthusiastically.  After some time working on craft projects large and small, everyone went to the F.L.A.S.H. (Ferndale League of Awesome Superheroes!) Training School, where they learnt about a real-life hero – Jesus Christ.  Each day focussed on a different aspect of being a superhero, as the trainee heroes considered whether Jesus was a “Hero” or a “Zero.”

The BMS team got stuck in, presenting parts of Jesus’ life to the kids, and helping them to learn key sentences from the story.  They also “willingly” took part in Gareth’s Superhero Superchallenges, which resulted in Vicky catching a custard pie with her face, and Kirsty eating (pretend) dog food!

On Sunday, the whole kids’ club team took over Ferndale’s morning service to share the fun with the rest of the church.  There were songs with actions and more excellent drama from the BMS girls, which Gareth tied together in a talk from John 3v16.  Together, they explained that God loved the world enough to send His only Son, the Lord Jesus, to be our hero - we cannot rescue ourselves, but He can.

Throughout the week, there were also opportunities to hear from the BMS team about their experiences in Bangladesh.  The team visited Clarence Road Baptist Church, and ‘Café Gold’ at Ferndale.  On Sunday evening, they took Ferndale’s evening service, where they introduced those present to Bangladeshi culture and to the work of BMS World Mission.  They ended with a reminder of that all Christians are called to mission, in their local communities and world-wide.

Vicki said, “Thank you for making us feel so welcome here.  Kids club was good fun and it was great to see some of the children at church.  We’ve really enjoyed this week – being custard pied wasn’t too bad!  It’s been great getting to know you all and maybe someday we’ll be back to actually walk down Southend Pier!”

Gareth adds, “the visit of the BMS team has been a huge blessing to the church.  They were a big help during the kids club – it seems they can turn their hands to pretty much anything!  And their willingness to take the gospel to the nations should be a real challenge to us.  I hope their visit will inspire others to consider their own part in world mission.”

After a busy but fun week, the team left for a few days’ rest in Birmingham followed by three weeks travelling around Wales.  All their new friends at Ferndale wish them well on the final leg of their tour!

You can find out lots more about the team at their BMS Action Team page or on their very own blog.


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I hope you are all having a more relaxing time in Birmingham!

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