A Loveable Eccentric

Posted on 02 October 2008
Stephen attended the funeral in Bournemouth on the 30th September of his old friend, Father Raphael Norman. Raphael was just 65.

Born David John Norman, he early followed the trade of his father as a master baker… and very good he was at it, too! A religious man, he early became a Lay Reader in the Church of England but found his true ‘spiritual home’ among the Orthodox and was for many years the parish priest of the Orthodox community in Bournemouth; where Stephen first met him. They quickly established a strong friendship, despite their many theological differences. Raphael was often seen in Bournemouth wearing his distinctive clothes (he never missed a photo opportunity) and was especially active in local charitable organisations. He was, particularly interested in working within the entertainment world within which he had many friends… having himself, been (at one time) a professional conjourer and member of the Magic Circle. He was a big man, a warm-hearted eccentric who each January, whatever the weather, undertook a service of the Blessing of the Waters on the Promenade. Stephen says, ‘He will be miised for his eccentricism… but above all for his thorough-going commitment to people. He was a good and faithful friend through some turbulent times and I will miss him!‘

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