What to expect

Going into a Church for the first time can seem quite scary. We want you to feel very welcome if you decided to visit Ferndale Baptist Church so here is a bit more information about what you can expect at a morning service.

How long?
The morning service normally lasts no more than 80-90 minutes. They start on a Sunday at 10:30am.

Will I be made to to anything?
No, although you are very welcome to join in with the songs. Sometimes prayers are read from a screen or sheet. Sometimes we have ‘communion’ which means eating some bread and drinking a sip of wine. Christians do this to remember Jesus who died and rose again. It lasts about 10 minutes. If you are a Christian then please take part. If you are not, or not sure just pass the bread and wine by. Nobody will mind!

We sing hymns and also more modern songs as a way to worship God. This just means it’s a way of showing our thanks to him and expressing how we feel. The words for the songs will either be in the books at your seat, on an order of service sheet or projected on a screen. Normally songs are played by a piano. We are always looking for new musicians!

Prayer is when we talk to God and a vital part of our church service. At different times in the service we will pray for different areas including prayer for ourselves, for our community and for the wider world.

Each service generally has a talk (also known as a sermon) where a church leader will teach from a specific passage of the Bible that will have been read earlier in the service. This talk helps us to understand the Bible and to learn how to apply it to our lives. Talks normally last about 20-30 minutes. You can hear some of our recent talks in our ‘listen’ section.

At some point in the service an offering will be taken and this is a chance for regular members of the church to contribute to the church and the ministries that it supports. Please don’t feel obliged to give if you are just visiting and you can just pass the offering bag on to the person next to you. You don’t have to pay to come to church!

Children are very welcome at Ferndale Baptist Church.

Tea & Coffee
After the service we serve tea, coffee and biscuits in the church hall (all free). This is a great chance to get to know each other and catch up. Please do stay on after the service if you come to visit.